Size Chart

Hello friends,
When answering customer questions on sizes we find that "Keep It Simple" always works the best.
The best way to order clothes online is know your size, not the clothing manufactures idea of size.
Most of them get it right but everyone is just different enough so, we ask that you;
Take your favorite most comfy top, (try to forgo the old concert tee's) lay it on the bed.
Measure from the shoulder (bra area) to the hem, that will be your length.
Then measure from arm pit to arm pit and that will be your chest/bust measurement. 
Then do the same with your most comfortable pair of pants/jeans.
Measure from the waist to the hem, that will be your length -
Measure across top of waist - that is your waist measurement
Measure from waist to crotch - that is the rise measurement.
Measure from crotch to cuff that is your inseam measurement.
Knowing those numbers you will never go wrong buying online.
Always ask for measurements from the seller if they're not listed.  
Keep in mind that when you measure your bust and find the (example:) number 17" most corporations will double that so it will read 34" because they measure the back of the garment as well.
When purchasing dress shirts for men you will need to know two more measurements;
1. Neck measurement, the best way is to measure around the neck, be nice ladies, and the stick two fingers between the tape and the neck and 
2.Sleeve length so you will need to measure from center of neck (spine) to the cuff of the sleeve.
I hope this helps in your quest for the 'just right' items.
Happy Shopping!